As my job search intensifies for the coming year, I am looking for the perfect suit and dresses for my initial interview and interview week. I am undecided about whether I should wear a skirt or a pant-suit to my interviews.

A while ago, I read an article on Jezebel which discussed interview advice for women in the legal profession. Some of the interview advice was that women should wear skirts rather than pantsuits to interviews because they appear more feminine. In the male dominated legal profession looking feminine boosts women's chances of being hired. Other advice included wearing pumps and spanx. This interview highlighted an issue of sexism and equality in the workplace. But, what was troubling was that the article did not critique this situation but put forth this advice as an aid for women getting hired matter of factly.

I have thought about this advice for a while now. I think that it is deplorable that women are scrutinized by how they are dressed and whether they come across as feminine. But, since this is apparently the status quo, what do I do with this advice? I have decided to keep it in the back of my mind.

To put pictures to words, these are some of the outfits that I intend to wear during interviews.

This is the Italian wool Ludlow suit from J Crew. I like the longer length of the jacket and that it sits below the hip. I also like that it has two contrasting buttons. The matching Italian wool trousers are a nice cut straight through the hip and thigh and a straight leg. This suit will set you back about $600, and may be overkill if you are not secure in the job, but it is very stylish.

This dress is the J Crew Collection Chiffon Beaded Dress. I absolutely adore this dress. If just a picture doesn't make you want to buy this dress, check out the advertisement for it: "Artfully tailored with hundreds of tiny knife pleats and hand-applied antiqued stones, this cocktail-ready confection in airy silk chiffon oozes vintage sophistication."  

In addition to a great marketing campaign, this dress is perfect for a cocktail interview. First, it is a great length for a party- it sits just below the knee. Second, the colour is different from the common black, white, or navy. It also isn't a fire engine red or a cobalt blue that would draw everyone's eye. This pale pink with the stone detailing is a lovely match.

To maintain a conservative look, instead of wearing a shrug over my shoulders, I would wear conservative-ish shoes. I would wear open toe pumps with a 2.5- 3 inch heel.

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