Sailboats & Anchors

As with most people, I enjoy nautical themed clothing. The past few seasons you can find just about every brand coming out with a blouse, dress, or skirt with a nautical theme. I do not know what is so attractive about anchors or blue and white stripes, but they are very trendy.

In this spirit, I have found two nautically themed pieces from J Crew that I think you'll appreciate.

This Postage Stamp Anchor Skirt is made of cotton and a little bit shorter than the traditional pencil skirt. If you wore a conservative top you'd be able to wear it to a more conservative office. Regardless, it is great for summer!  If you want to pick it up, you can find it here for $98.

Another J Crew find is this Anchor Themed black and white dress. Now this little number could be worn to an office. Better yet, to a garden party or bbq on a Saturday afternoon. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it is currently on sale on the J Crew website and is a reasonable $119. I haven't tried this dress on myself, but if anyone knows how the sizing fits, I would love to get your thoughts. Since this dress is black and white, I would pair it with a coloured heel. I am thinking maybe a purple, silver, gold or a red; just something fun that will make the whole outfit pop.

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