I have long be a fan of J Crew. The clothing is always crisp, functional and you can wear it to work. I don't usually pay much attention to jewelry that stores sell, I like to get my jewelry from designated jewelry stores. I am beginning to re-think this attitude. 

This "Flower Lattice Necklace" from J Crew is wonderful. I like how the bright colours pop against the hand cut glass stones. It is also a heavier necklace, which is definitely in style right now. The necklace comes in two colours, I prefer the one pictured above to the pink necklace. If you`re willing to spend the $228 on it, you can pick it up online here.

Another piece of jewelry that I really like from J Crew is the Classic Pave Link Bracelet. This glass encrusted brass bracelet is really adorable and the colour allows you to wear it with most styles. I like this bracelet better than the similar YSL bracelet that I posted earlier this week because it is less branded. You can pick up the J Crew bracelet here.

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