Following Paris Fashion week, a blogger for the Toronto Star interviewed Christian Louboutin about his new Cinderella shoes. Like most Louboutins, the Cinderella heels are exquisite.

Interview with Christian Louboutin:

Q: There’s also something about wearing Louboutins that puts you in a different kind of place. These shoes really indicate that you’re a woman of style. People see that red sole, and they know “That one’s got Louboutins!” How does it feel to have turned your brand into something so iconic and meaningful in women’s lives?

A: Well, it’s always great when you’re doing something you really love and you can share that with people — share your passion, your enthusiasm. It’s a wonderful thing. I just started making these really beautiful shoes for one store, and then it eventually just started to grow. I never had another goal other than making beautiful shoes for women. So I couldn’t be happier.

To see the rest of the interview on the Toronto Star website go here.

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