Yves St Laurent Bracelets

I have been trying to accessorize my outfits more and have been looking at bracelets.

One bracelet that I have been seeing frequently and enjoy is:

This bracelet is made of circular links that have been hammered together to give itself a textured appearance. The bracelet is made of tin and comes in several shades. The one I have chosen to preview is rose-toned.

The only part I dislike about the bracelet is it screams Yves St Laurent! Something that I don't like about designers is when they display their brand ostentatiously. I can understand wanting to get your brand out there, but a huge "YSL" logo and an engraved name plate. It is just too much. I'd rather one or the other, and preferably the engraved plate. Something that makes a piece like this classic as opposed to trendy is the lack of branding.

That criticism aside, it is a really nice bracelet. If you're looking to pick it up, it costs $350 and you can order it here.

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