I have been thinking about how to accessorize my outfits lately and have been spending a lot of time looking at bracelets and necklaces. I normally look at jewelry in store because I find it difficult to ensure that I will really like the piece if I buy it online. Today, I have been browsing the Harrods department store website and have found several items that I would purchase offline. As such, I thought I would share them with you!

Below is a Moonlight Grapes Pendant by Georg Jensen. I have always liked pendant necklaces, and I like this one because it is grapes. How original! Seriously, I really like this idea. If you want to pick it up, click here.

Another necklace that I really liked was the Pink Pave Diamond Flower Necklace by AS29. It is similar to the J Crew Flower Lattice necklace that I posted last week but it has a singular bloom. It is made of pink gold and pink diamonds! This piece is quite expensive, but if you are interested you can find it here.

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