I consider myself a smart shopper and am always interested in customer reward programs. I have two rules about such programs: (1) never pay; and (2) make sure they don't sell your private information.

When out shopping two weeks ago, I saw a sale sign at Mexx and ventured inside. I have several pieces from Mexx-- mostly dresses-- but find the stores are usually hit or miss. I was pleased to find some socks for a good deal and at the check out I learned about Mexx's new rewards program. There are three levels (Linen, Velvet & Silk) which give you points for every dollar you spend. After you spend so much, you receive coupons. Once you reach Silk level, Mexx will pay for custom tailoring on your purchases. Since suits tend to be boxy on me and require tailoring, this is a great incentive!

After signing up in store and filling out my information online, I have two $10 coupons and several hundred points. I am looking forward to a shopping trip soon where I can use my coupons.

 I think my first purchase using my Linen card will be this blazer...

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