In Honour of Pi Day.

Last week was "Pi Day". I only heard of Pi Day this year, but it is a celebration of the mathematical term 3.14..... To celebrate Pi Day and some personal accomplishments, I decided to bake a lemon pie and had a friend over for tea and pie. I was pleased with how the pie turned out, I was planning to make a heavy cream topping, but realized I didn't have the proper equipment (a electronic hand mixer). Going forward, I am going to try to acquire hand mixer and try out the recipe for a heavy cream topping.

Lemon Pie
1 Store bought crust
1 Shirriff Original Lemon Pie Filling
2 Egg yolks

I usually like to make my own crust, but I do not have the space or materials in my student apartment. this summer I will try to bring back some of my baking tools and will post on pie crusts!

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