Arnold Palmer.

A few weeks ago I had a friend over and wanted to make a simple, yet delicious drink. Last summer I tried a "drunk Arnold Palmer" at a restaurant and was smitten with it. This version was alcohol free, but could easily be drunken with an ounce of vodka or gin. The recipe is below!

Arnold Palmer Recipe
** Makes 4-6 glasses

1. Black Tea.
          I used Twinnings English Breakfast.
          I let the tea steep for 3 minutes before pouring it over ice.
2. One Litre of Lemonade. 
         Choose from pink or lemon flavour. I used pink and didn't notice a change in flavour.
         I used concentrate here, but I bet it is better fresh. 
3. 16 Frozen Strawberries.
         The strawberries have two purposes: cooling the drinks and sweetening the flavour.
         Add 3-4 strawberries to each cup.
4. 3 Ice Cubes Per Glass.
5. Mix! 
         Add ice to each glass.
         Pour black tea over the ice until glass is half-full (or your desired strength).
         Add frozen strawberries.
         Pour lemonade until the glass is full.
6. Serve and Enjoy.

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