Oz the Great and Powerful.

The last few times I've gone to the theatre I've seen the trailer for Oz the Great and Powerful. The film looks amazing to say the least. Like the Wizard of Oz, the film starts in black and white and changes to colour when Oz gets to the "enchanted land". The film features a strong cast: James Franco, Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis and Rachel Weisz. I am particularly looking forward to seeing Mila Kunis play the wicked witch!  The movie synopsis on IMDB says:

"A small-time magician with dubious ethics is hurled off to an enchanting land, where he encounters three witches, as well as the opportunity to transform himself into a great wizard -- and an even greater man."

I am planning to go see Oz the Great and Powerful next week and will write a review shortly after. I hope that you all get a chance to see the film too!!

Also... the world premieres of Oz have been happening around the world and I'd like to share my favourite looks of the main cast!!

Michelle Williams.

Mila Kunis.

Taylor Bagley.

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