Shoe of the Week.

I was at the mall over the weekend to see Oz the Great and Powerful (review forthcoming) and wandered into a store that I don't usually go in and found two great pairs of smoking slippers. I had thought Aerosoles was a "middle age" store, without trendy shoes and boy, was I wrong.

The window display caught my eye and once inside I found many pairs of well made, trendy shoes. I am really impressed with the quality of Aerosoles shoes, they have good soles and arch support. My only hesitation purchasing the smoking slippers was the price, $110. I decided to think about it and when I was at home later I looked them up online. The website offers the slippers for almost half price, $69. So before buying Aerosoles in store, I'd recommend taking a look at the price online.

Betunia in Tan Leopard Calf Hair.

Betunia in Black Embroidered Suede.

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