Pink & Blue.

This is the cute spring dress from the gap that I am thinking about buying.

Harbour Jersey Half-sleeve Dress in pink stripe.



With the last gasp of winter over the weekend, I am pleased that the weather has turned pleasant! The temperature has reached 10 degrees celsius and I didn't have to wear a scarf with my coat. In warmer weather I like to wear sweaters or cardigans instead of jackets. To this end, I bought a cute cardigan from the Gap that was on sale. It was a wonderful deal, and the Gap online and in-store is still having wicked deals! I picked fuchsia because I thought it would look great with my darker clothing.

Gap Cardingan.



I have wanted a pair of everyday loafers for a while and finally purchased a pair! I will let you know if a few weeks whether they are good quality and I would recommend them.\



Nordstrom Update.

When talking about shopping, I often find myself lamented the fact that the Nordstrom that was supposed to go into my local mall has yet to start renovations on its retail space. Just this weekend I said that I didn't think that Nordstrom was going to actually open! Well good news. Just this morning when I was reading the news, I found out that not only is Nordstrom still opening in Ottawa, but it is going to  be opening a store at Yorkdale Mall in Toronto.

Although I am glad that Nordstrom is still coming to Ottawa, I am sad that the store will not open until spring 2015. Two years seems like a long time to wait, and quite frankly, I am tired of waiting for American stores to move across the border and tap into the Canadian market. Regardless, I am happy to report that Nordstrom will be opening, it is just a matter of time!



I am not the biggest fan of Gwyneth Paltrow, I think she is a so-so actress and slightly pretentious. She has a crazy diet plan that I think borders on an eating disorder, but I will give credit where it is due... she looks great! A couple of nights ago she was at the opening of Tracy Anderson's new gym in LA and looked very fit. I also like her grape dress!



I was standing in line at a printing shop today and was strike by the beautiful brief case the woman standing beside me was carrying. It was made of leather, but had an almost hard casing shell. It had a zippered top and a handle that reminded me of my grandparents suitcases. I was quite impressed with the briefcase and how it completed her overall look. I started to think that maybe I should look into buying a briefcase. I usually think that briefcases are too masculine, but was pleasantly surprised with the quality and feminine look to her briefcase.

I started to search the internet for such a briefcase! Unfortunately, I had no luck finding the same briefcase that the woman had, but I came across the brand Lotuff. Lotuff is an American, family owned leather company that makes beautiful leather products. Here is their blurb:

"Lotuff Leather is a collaboration of prideful American craftsmen making fine quality leather goods the way they should be made. The love and passion that go into our handmade bags are tangible: you can see, smell, and touch the difference. Our vision is to create items of lasting value and the work is a reflection of our personal character. We are proud to put our name and unique product number on every good."

I find their products darling, and am posting the two briefcases that I would love to take to work.

Bridle English Briefcase.

Bridle Lock Briefcase.