April Fools.

Although April Fools Day was yesterday, the weather has played tricks all weekend. It has been grey and warm, sunny and cold, and sunny and snowing! Despite the frigid temperature, the sun has been out and shining. This means that I have pulled out my trusty sunglasses. I have only had two really great pairs of sunglasses in my life. The first was a bright yellow pair from Nine West that I ended up breaking and repairing twice, before finally putting them to rest. The second pair is the ones I have now; they are also from Nine West and I hope to get several more years of wear out of them. Because one can never have too many pairs of sunglasses, I thought I'd post some. In the spirit of being frugal, I have included both high end and mid-range designers.

Tommy Hilfiger Sunglasses DL69 in purple.


Steve Madden S5319 in black.


 Steve Madden S5248 in pink.


D&G DD8065 in black and grey.

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  1. love the Steve Maddens in black!