I'm on a boat and it's going fast and...

It is already mid July and that usually means everyone has been on their boat or is on a boat right now!

In the past year there has be a resurgence in the popularity of boating shoe. No doubt fueled by the delightful offerings by Sperry. I personally have yet to find a pair of Sperries in my size, that I truly like.

I always like when a brand expands and grabs a larger market share. Sperry is definitely one of these brands. In the past few years they have exploded and people use them for daily-wear.

Some of my favourites:

This time-tested style has been around since the 1930s. Although a classic, the red, black and white combination is quite nice and the shoe can be worn for multiple uses.

These bright coloured boots would be nice on a rainy day. Having spent a lot of time in England, I can honestly say that bright coloured clothing can really boost your mood after days of endless rain and greyness. Another perk: they'll never get lost!

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