Stood for something.

Since it is freezing outside, I have been frantically looking for a hat that will meet both my style and warmth needs. I have had some luck and recently purchases two hats. One from ASOS and one from Forever 21. Sadly, the Forever 21 hat looked awkward on my head so I had to return it, and I am still in the hat market.

While I was perusing the accessories section of Anthropologie, this darling hat caught my eye. I thought I would post it and get some opinions. Too sparkly or just enough? I think that this type of hat would be eye catching for a weekend out, but I am not sure if it something that I could wear on a daily basis. I am going to be thinking over whether this is an investment I want to make. I will highlight that at $138, this hat is an investment.

  Anthropologie Sifted Sparkle Hat.  

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