In with the new.

I was shopping at the Rideau Centre in Ottawa, Canada in the past week and couldn't help but notice that the flagship Sears is going out of business. I was not surprised that this particular branch of Sears was going to close. I, like many of you, have been following the business reports that Sears has been hemorrhaging money from its stores in Canada. I have also been to this Sears location before and was never overly impressed with the products it was selling. Products sold were lower-mid range and I find that to be disappointing.

As I walked through the store I learned that it the location is likely to be occupied by Nordstrom. In case you are unaware, Nordstrom is an upscale American department store. The Nordstrom stores I have been in always have a great selection of brands, clothing, shoes and friendly sales staff. I am looking forward to Nordstrom coming to Ottawa!

I hope that this American infusion into the market will make the other retailers in the Rideau Centre shape up, order trendy products and hopefully reduce their prices!

When I find out more about Nordstrom's arrival in Ottawa, Canada I will post it.

Until then, check out this newspaper article.

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