A preppy fashion retailer that I like in Toronto is Pink Tartan. Pink Tartan is a fashion line that was co-founded in 2002 by Kimberley Newport-Mimran. In the "About" section of the Pink Tartan website describes the brand as:

"Pink Tartan had a clear identity from the first cut. The crisp cotton twill menswear shirting cut snug to a woman's body and finished with elegant French cuffs remains a staple today. She tweaks the modern classic every season, adding a ruffle or a fresh new colour. Other key pieces followed, and are continually re-invented: essential pieces such as the peacoat; what she calls "the technical black pant" -- a wonder of hip-snug engineering; the sexy silk jersey dress in wrap or deep-V front; and there is always a Parisian chic take on the little black cocktail dress. With a nod to grandmother Aubrey, there is often a little coat to match."

I will share a few pieces from Pink Tartan's fall collection that I absolutely adore.



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