Glitz & Glam.

I have a pair of lovely sandals from Material Girl. They are a thong sandal with pale pink glittery straps and a blush fabric bow. I get a lot of compliments on these sandals. Last week, while I was sitting at a cafe having coffee the girls next to my table came over to ask where I got them. I thought given that they are popular, that there would be a photo of them online I could post. Unfortunately, I had little luck tracking one down. I am planning to take a picture of my sandals in the coming week and will post it then.

To tide you over, I have decided to post some delightful "smoking slippers" and loafers that I have been looking at. Tell me what you think in the comments!

Material Girl Spike Smoking Flat in silver.

 Gap Embroidered Loafer in elsyian blue.

Material Girl Sampson Smoking Flat in gold.

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