Back to Basics.

Lately I have been posting clothing that is pretty expensive. I recently read an article about lifestyle inflation. Lifestyle inflation occurs when you make more money you spend more money. For example: if you make $30 000 a year a used toyota is a type of car you might drive. But, if you suddenly received a promotion and started making $70 000 a year, you are likely to trade-up for a nicer car. In doing so, you are spending more money on your lifestyle because your pay has increased.

Rather than getting caught up in lifestyle inflation, I am going back to the basics! I know you may think this is silly, but I recently read that over 50% of Canadians are living pay cheque to pay cheque. This means most people aren't saving any money for their retirement, emergencies or their children's future education. That is scary!

So back to basics: The GAP!


Gap Colourblock Sweater in blue and white.

Gap Perfect Shirt in black.

Gap Broken in Straight Khakis in icon wash.

With this look, you could wear the blue and white colour block sweater with the khakis alone, or layered with the black perfect shirt under it.  I would probably wear the outfit layered and not just because it is getting cold out! I have gotten into the preppy look recently and a sweater over a collared shirt with the cuffs turned up is something I really like.

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