I have long been a fan of Starbucks coffee and the brand. I first started drinking lattes when I was young and enamored with fancy $4 coffees. Now, I shop at Starbucks because I enjoy a good hot beverage in a swanky cafe.

My favourite drink is the non-fat sugar-free vanilla latte. I always get a tall because I am conscious of both the cost and calories in larger versions. Whenever I read an article about how to save money or lose weight it is always cutting back on your fancy coffee drinks! After reading an article about this today I decided to find out the nutritional content of my favourite $3.45 drink.

After customizing the size and type of milk used in my Latte this is the nutritional content I found. I am happy with what I found and how easy it is to find out the calorie count. I am happy with the sodium count and that there is protein and a delicious 75mg of caffeine. The only thing I am concerned about is the amount of sugar, a whopping 27g! However, I was unable to customize my vanilla to sugar free so I may be getting less sugar than what is shown here.

My favourite baked good to get with my latte is a Very Berry Scone. Unfortunately, this delicious scone is only available in the United Kingdom and not Canada or the United States. It's a real shame because I am going to miss it at the end of the summer. What is so delicious about this scone is the delicious berry in the middle of the scone and the brown sugar dusting the top! I almost never get it when I am at the local Starbucks; not because of calorie watching but because it is always sold out! Everyone loves this delicious scone and I highly recommend getting one if you're in England.

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