South of Temperance

This post is a first for my blog, I am going to review a restaurant I visited this past week. While on vacation in Toronto, Ontario a few friends and I went to South of Temperance. This is a trendy little restaurant in the Financial District of Toronto. The restaurant is located on the corner of Adelaide and Young Street.

We made reservations for a party of 6 at 8pm on a Tuesday. Members of our party had been there before on a weekend and it was really busy, but last week the place was empty and reservations were unnecessary. I ordered a "Drunken Arnold Palmer" which arrived quickly and was very pleased with it. For those that don't know, an Arnold Palmer is a drink made of 50% iced tea and 50% lemonade. The drunken was a shot of vodka. Mixed with plenty of ice, it was delicious!

As a vegetarian, the menu was rather limited. The waitress was helpful and pointed out what was vegetarian and I settled on the Apple Cheddar Salad. I was pleased with the salad; crisp greens, tasty goat cheese, and white grapes! I was very pleased with my salad until half-way through I realized there was a piece of plastic sitting near the bottom. I alerted the waitress and she informed me it was a bit of plastic from a drink decoration. My salad was re-made and I was given a more plentiful salad than the first time. I was also given another Drunken Arnold Palmer for free as well. I found this interesting because when my bill came, I was charged only for the first Palmer. Since we are talking $9 for a non-fancy drink, I would have preferred getting my entire meal for free. I was also unimpressed that I had to pay for anything, this is a fancy place and its client is "SUITS". I figured they would have treated me a bit better.

The other members of my party had varied dishes: BBQ burger, chicken wrap, and a salad. The consensus on the quality of the food was that it was OK. It was nothing special and if you were going to go for anything other than drinks or appetizers I would recommend going somewhere else. But I would recommend that Drunken Arnold Palmer, it was delicious.

Overall, I would rate South of Temperance a 7/10. It was a great night, good service but expensive for what you get and the kitchen was obviously not very organized. I'd recommend going for a drink on their patio but nothing more!

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