2013 Academy Awards Red Carpet

Every year I eagerly wait until the end of the awards season for the Academy Awards. I love the outfits on the red carpet and I look forward to see who will be awarded for their great performances.

This year, the red carpet was chalk full of celebrities and the Oscars went to deserving actresses and actors. In particular, I appreciated that Jennifer Lawrence won Best Actress for her role in Silver Linings Playbook; no one was more deserving. I was disappointed that Sally Fields lost to Anne Hathaway because her performance in Lincoln was breathtaking. However, from what I have heard Anne's performance was stunning and she deserved the award. Best picture went to Argo, I was surprised and somewhat dismayed that it didn't go to Lincoln or Zero Dark Thirty. All in all, it was a good broadcast and I am looking forward to tuning in next year!

Best Dressed!

Jennifer Lawrence.

Catherine Zeta Jones.

Amy Adams.

Jennifer Hudson.

Naomi Watts.

Sandra Bullock.

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