Shoe of the Week: Stuart Weitzman

When making the transition from law student to lawyer, footwear is important. When you're entering an office setting it's best to keep in mind that footwear should be more conservative. Sure your open toe pumps and the vibrant colours of this season will likely be out of place. A good rule about what is appropriate is to look to what the most senior woman in the office is wearing. If she is rocking three inch spike pumps in neon yellow (as have been popular for the past couple of summers) then you can likely wear them too. If on the other hand, she is wearing black, closed toe, two inch kitten heels you will want to mirror this level of conservative. Or, if you're like me you'd like a safe middle ground.

To this end, I'm highlighting Stuart Weitzman's "Platswoon" pumps in Adobe Aniline. The pumps are light pink, which will add colour to your outfit without being too flashy. The heel is 3 3/4" with a 3/4" platform; this will give you some height while still being comfortable to walk in. Trust me, it's important that you're able to walk around an office all day.

So without further ado...

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