I have been trying to clean up my living space. I've re-arranged my sitting room and have bought a few accent pieces to make my home more cozy. For a while I have wanted to buy vintage glass canisters for my kitchen counters.

When I was shopping last week in Georgia, I came across the most delightful glass canisters. In my estimation, the canisters were just about perfect. Sadly, I did not buy the canisters because I was worried about getting them home safely in my luggage. I have been thinking about these jars and have looked around the internet for something similar.

I haven't found the same canisters, but I have found some vintage inspired designs that I would love to share with you. I am hoping to get a set of three canisters in the near future and when I do, I will take some photos to post.

Bed Bath and Beyond One Gallon Glass Canister.

Overstock.com Glass Canister.

Overstock.com Crystal Canister.

Other places you can find these type of canisters include: Canadian Tire, Walmart, The Container Store and Ikea.

I would like to use these jars to store candy. I was thinking of keeping licorice whips, gumballs and mints in the jars. Although it would be huge temptation, I think the canisters would make great statement accents.

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