I have been looking for stylish blouses that you can wear to the office. Finding the right blouse can be tricky. You don't want to look bland, but being too flashy in a conservative office isn't a good thing either. It's about finding the right look. To that end, today I am sharing blouses I've come across that are both classic and trendy.

This white tie-neck blouse by Chloe is a classic.  This blouse is silk and made in France. The blouse will fit loosely and sits below the hip. This classic piece can be found at Neiman Marcus for a grand total of $995. This is definitely an expensive blouse but it is classic so it will last for years.

 A little more trendy is this Anthropologie halter blouse with a swallow print. Bird prints are all the rage right now... I really like this black and white swallow print. The halter cut shows a bit of skin, making it a less conservative choice. The tie at the waist will give some definition and the tiered layering at the bottom will hide any imperfections. Since this blouse has some volume around the waist, I'd recommend wearing the blouse with tighter pants than shown in the picture below. You want to balance your outfits! This blouse retails for 78 pounds!

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