Dooney & Burke

I have been browsing through Dooney and Burke's latest handbag styles and I must say I am impressed. Although I usually go for the more traditional leather colours, I like that DB has produced their trademark leather bags in fun colours. I'd say my favourite is the blue and the pink!

For this classic blue satchel I have read mixed reviews. Personally, I think the blue is striking and the shape and tassels are very sassy. When I saw this bag  in Nordstrom it was maintaining its shape and not leaning over on its "feet". However, I have read some reviews of this purse online that have mentioned it starts to loose its shape and the bag may droop over the feet. I think it would take some wear to see that result but if its true that's disappointing. The DB satchel purse that I currently have had an issue with loosing its shape but I have found packing it with tissue when it is not in use helps to maintain the shape. If you're going to shell out the cash for these darling bags you've got to conduct your due diligence!

This lovely little bag is a DB Dillen II Crossbody Satchel in strawberry. Honestly, this picture does not due the purse justice. The colour is much deeper and richer in person. As well, this is a tiny bag. It is about the size of, if not smaller than, the "New Ipad". It retails online for $178. Although it's small, it is DB which means it is going to be excellent quality. With a little care it will last you a lifetime.


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