Independence Day!!

A couple of weeks ago I was killing time by shopping for shoes and saw these babies....

I know what you're thinking.. super stylish. Best shoes of the summer! Hah! In all seriousness, I really wanted these shoes. Look at that pattern... not being American myself I figured I could pull them off. They are slip-on so you can wear them with pretty much anything. I also liked them because they were accommodating for my 7.5W feet. I love when shoes aren't overly narrow and have some give so that I don't have to go up a size. In the end I decided against buying them because, well, I am not THAT cool.

Now let's talk about these "Bob" shoes. As we all know, Bob shoes are a knockoff of the ever so popular Tom's shoes. They look alike, fit a like, and even have a similar pro-social message/donation scheme. All things I can get behind. I was hesitant to purchase knock-offs but I realized these are sketchers brand so they should be quality. I mean, it is obvious Sketchers is hopping on the Tom's bandwagon but they are more affordable (I believe these retail at $38 compared to the avg Tom's that cost upward of $45).

All things considered, Bob's are a fine shoe style. Obviously a knock off of Tom's but isn't everything a knock off these days?

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