Tic Toc.

As a law student, my most important accessory is my watch. I wish I could say that it was my black leather messenger bag or my Michael Kors bag, but in truth, it's my watch. Before coming to law school I rarely wore watches and used my cellphone to check the time. Most of my friends are the same, when you ask "what time is it?", the answer comes from the fastest person to pull out their phone.

Moving into a professional career, it's generally inappropriate to use your cellphone to check the time. Not only do most people find looking at cellphones in the company of others rude, but it's too obvious a way of checking the time. Imagine this, you have a 2pm appointment and are sitting with your immediate boss, what do you think she would say if you whipped out your phone, checked the time and pointedly said you have to leave? I bet she wouldn't be impressed. Watches are perfect for for subtly checking the time and making a polite but quick exit.

Keeping this in mind, I'd like to showcase a few stylish watches that would be a perfect addition to any young professional woman's wardrobe.

Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Rock' Ceramic Chronograph Watch.

Vince Camuto Ceramic and Steel Pyramid Bracelet Watch.

Fossil Georgia Faux Leather Wrap Strap Watch.

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