Style Watch: Taylor Swift PT II

With a new album out and a trendy new look, it's fair to say that I am going to be talking about Taylor Swift a lot in the coming weeks. Just in time to promote her new album, Red, Taylor has done two major cover shoots, Marie Claire UK and Glamour US. I am pleased to post some lovely photos of her from the Glamour Shoot! As a side note, I cannot believe this girl's look-- she is an amazing singer and has the body of a model!

My favourite is definitely the third I've posted; she is poised and beautiful. I also LOVE the outfit that she is wearing, gold sparkle and red tulle? I would wear this any day. Since Taylor has been doing a lot of promotion lately, I hope they let her keep this Burberry sequined tank and Dior skirt and she wears it on a red carpet. I would love to see what it looks like in full! 

Which is your favourite pose?

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